Cafe Colis Resistencia Tee

Cafe Colis Resistencia Tee

The 2020 harvest in Guatemala has come to a close and with that, producers are receiving their pay for their coffee. As in so many producing countries, this is the single paycheque these producers will receive for their coffee this year, and even when selling at a higher price, it can often not be enough. 


In specific, many producers in Mataquescuintla rely on high interest lines of credit or loans from their local banks and spend large chunks of their earnings paying their bank as opposed to keeping it for their families. 


Semilla will be printing these shirts in Montreal, with the aim of giving ALL PROFITS to the group to be used AS THEY SEE FIT. One priority already specified is to assist some of the producers who received a mysteriously low yield in parchment after their coffee was processed in cherry by the local wet mill. 


Beyond that, these shirts are sold to represent our solidarity with Cafe Colis Resistencia and their struggle as Indigenous Xinca peoples against the illegal development of the Escobal silver mine, built in their traditional lands without their prior consent. This mine is owned and operated by Canadian-based Pan-American Silver. 


Original logo design by Alex Reynoso of Cafe Colis Resistencia. Layout and design by Aisha Hadejia of Creve-Coeur Co-op in Montreal.