San Agustin Limited Series

San Agustin Limited Series

It's Code Red in Montreal, which means we're all back to drinking a lot of coffee at home. 


Rather than be bummed out, Semilla wants to take this chance to offer you a limited tasting pack from two of our friends and partners in San Agustin, Huila, Colombia!


All three of these coffees are available for the first time ever in North America, and all three received record prices. Great coffee can be paid for at a great price and not cost the consumer too much! 


For $45 (shipping included), you'll receive the following coffees. 


  • La Familia Ortega-Gomez Yeast Inoculated Castillo 
  • La Familia Ortega-Gomez Tabi/Typica
  • Jhon Jario Gomez Red Tabi 


The first two come from our great friend Esnaider Ortega-Gomez and family.


The Yeast Inoculated Castillo is a project we worked on last year, before the family replicated the process on their own for the main harvest. The goal was to bring the quality up amongst their Castillo variety, such that it could receive the same quality premiums their other coffees receive. A sweet and smooth cup, with notes of orange blossom and red fruit. 


The Tabi/Typica represents the first harvestable fruits from the family's Tabi crop, which was blended with the ancient yellow Typica trees that dot their farm. The result is truly explosive cup, think mango and pineapple!


The last coffee is one Semilla is truly proud to represent. Jhon Jairo has long harvested his Red Tabi at 2000masl, only to depulp it and sell it wet for pennies on the dollar due to his lack of market access. This coffee represents the first time his coffee ever left the country, and is the first steps in what we hope to be a great relationship. Young Jhon's coffee is explosive and sweet, a true miracle to find such a coffee and to be able to see Jhon receive proper prices for his work. 


Price Transparency:


La Familia Ortega Gomez: 2.2 million COP/carga (125kg) parchment coffee. This equates to roughly $2.70USD/lb. At the time of this writing, the local price equivalant for dried parchment is 1.08million COP/carga. 


Jhon Jairo Gomez: 1.9 million COP/carga (125kg) parchment coffee. This equates to roughly $2.35USD/lb. At the time of this writing, the local price equivalent for wet coffee (as Jhon typically sold), is 500,000COP/carga. 


Thanks for supporting Semilla, and producers who are taking steps to improve their livelihoods through better markets! 



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