Semilla Micro-Finance

Semilla Micro-Finance

Semilla's Micro-Finance Initiative is a chance for any and all of us to give back to the Global North coffee professionals who make the coffees we love possible. 


As we continue along our journey towards advocating for and supporting the producers and exporters we work with, most of whom are taking their first steps into the highly competitive and rigorous world of specialty coffee, we've seen first hand how high prices paid can only be the tip of the iceberg.


In all but one country where we work, coffee is a single harvest crop annually, which means there is always a dry season where revenue cannot be expected. Even in Colombia, where coffee is harvested twice annually, those we work with must wait to be paid longer than if they sold in the traditional local market, a costly proposition. 


Regardless of their crop availability  or the price paid, most small producers are carrying at least 20 years of production at a rate under cost of production. Since the early 2000s, in the first coffee price crisis, it has been difficult if not impossible for any producer to make money on the conventional market. 


At Semilla, it is our primary preoccupation to find a way to provide better pre-financing for all the coffee we buy but also be able to serve as a micro-financing operation that provides cash as needed to the people we work with so that they can deal with the basic necessities of life. 


However, as a a small business, there's only so much we can do.


We've started this fund so that all of us can donate whatever they like whenever they like, to whichever one of the producer organizations we work with. 


All funds will be shared in complete transparency with you, and will be shared with the groups with work with for them to use at their own best discretion. 


Donations work in increments of $5, and can be increased by choosing a quantity. Ie. 1 = $5, 20 = $100. 


Thank you for the support and much love!