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Due to the ongoing health crisis around the world, Semilla's operations as a green coffee supplier have been significantly affected. With businesses closing, there's been a corresponding slow down with micro-roasters who Semilla services with green coffee. 

As such, in conjunction with Elena Restaurant and their cafe, P.S., Semilla has decided to begin nano-roasting a few select coffees for sale direct to your home! The sales for these roasted coffees will allow us to move through some of our inventory and also to keep Semilla going while times are tough. Being a new and very small business, even government supports are difficult to receive meaning this will be a very important way to finance our future. 

All of these coffees can be found on Elena's website here. The prices are for 1/2lb fully compostable bags, which can be ground to your desired method. Delivery is $10 flat Canada wide or free for orders over $50. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send an inquiry through the chat bar on the page or via email! 

Thank you for the support, take care of yourselves and stay home!


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