2 x 60kg bags / Natural Red Bourbon / Rutsiro District, Rwanda / 1550-1800masl

A natural process lot from the Bugoyi washing station situated on the banks of the famous Lake Kivu. Long drying times due to the cool climate lead to deeply complex naturals like this one, full of blueberry, pear, and melon flavours.


2 x 60kg bags / Honey Red Bourbon / Gatsibo District, Rwanda / 1550 - 1835masl

Humure station is managed completely by women, in line with Baho Coffee's commitment to implementing gender equality in the coffee sector. Though typically producing high grade commercial coffee, the honey and natural processes from this station are deep and expressive. This lot is winey like concord grapes, with a rich honey and citrus background.


3 x 60kg bags / Washed Red Bourbon / Nyaruguru DIstrict, Rwanda / 1500 - 1850 masl

Fugi is one of the smallest stations in the Baho Coffee repertoire and is used as the "hub of innovation" for new processes and for traceability programs. This coffee is a shining representation of the quality potential of Rwanda coffee -- akin to an Ethiopia Yirgacheffee, it's silky oolong tea body is matched with notes of jasmine, stone fruit, red berries, and caramel.



Los Ramirez, Honduras & Cafe Colis Resistencia, Gautemala


Guatemala / Washed Catuai / 1750masl / 30 bags

Miguel Rodriguez is one of the main leaders of the Cafe Colis Resistencia group, and is consistently present at the peaceful protests or in the resistance point, keeping watch on what enters the Escobal mine. His farm - Quebrada Onda - is a beautiful shade grown piece of land at 1750 masl where he grows young Catuai plants that taste of citrus, hazelnut and honey.


Guatemala / Washed Pache / 1700masl / 14 bags

Juan Rodriguez runs a beautiful farm outside of the aldea of San Miguel, just east of Mataquescuintla. The nephew of Don Miguel, he is also an active member in the Xinca resistance. His coffees are consistently amongst the best of the group, and this year is no different with notes of chocolate pudding and almond.


Honduras / Washed Catuai / 1700masl / 4 bags

Jesus Galeas is a member of the Los Ramirez group in Selguapa, Honduras, and indeed may be responsible for their emergence as specialty coffee producers. After working for IHCAFE (Honduran Coffee Institute), where he interfaced with farmers all over the country and learned about all manner of coffee farming, processing, and marketing, he brought their coffee forward to be cupped in a lab in Marcala. His coffee is exceptionally clean, with gentle notes of stone fruit and blackberry.


Honduras / Washed Typica / 1800masl / 6 bags

Antonio is the father of the Los Ramirez group in that multiple members of the group are his children but also, that he was the first to begin growing coffee commercially in this area, selling in cherry to local intermediaries. His coffee is what brought Semilla towards this group, a deep and structured cup full of juicy blackberry and bright citrus that makes on rethink the quality potential of Honduras.


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